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Dermlite Magneticonnect Clamp

Dermlite Magneticonnect Clamp

MoleMax Plus

MoleMax Plus

Pack of 3- Habif, Roitt and Rosendahl

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Pack includes: 

Skin Disease, 4th Edition ISBN: 9780323442220

Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer ISBN: 9781914961205

Roitt's Essential Immunology ISBN: 978111841577

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Pack includes:

Skin Disease, 4th Edition
ISBN: 9780323442220

Get practical guidance from renowned dermatologist Dr. Thomas Habif and his expert team of co-authors in this user-friendly, focused text. Written specifically for the non-specialist, this easy-to-follow reference offers precisely the diagnostic and treatment information you need to quickly identify the 250 skin disorders you&aposre most likely to see. It&aposs an ideal resource for any medical practitioner who&aposd rather treat than refer patients with skin disease, as well as an excellent review for board preparation

Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer
ISBN: 9781914961205

Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer is a handbook to help dermatologists, dermatoscopists and GPs easily differentiate between benign and malignant tumours, leading to fewer unnecessary biopsies and earlier treatment of cancers.
Based around two easy to follow algorithms, Chaos and Clues and Pigment without Prediction, the book shows all dermatoscope users how to confidently diagnose skin lesions earlier and with greater precision.

Roitt's Essential Immunology
ISBN: 978111841577

Roitt's Essential Immunology - the textbook of choice for students and instructors of immunology worldwide Roitts Essential Immunology clearly explains the key principles needed by medical and health sciences students, from the basis of immunity to clinical applications. A brand new introduction sets the scene to section 1, Fundamentals of Immunology, introducing the microbial world and the strategies the body employs to defend itself. Each chapter then guides the reader through a different part of the immune system, and explains the role of each cell or molecule individually, and then as a whole. Section 2, Applied Immunology, discusses what happens when things go wrong, and the role the immune system plays alongside the damaging effects of a disease, including cancer, immunodeficiency, allergies and transplantation and the beneficial effects of vaccines. The 13th edition continues to be a user-friendly and engaging introduction to the workings of the immune system, whilst supporting those who require a slightly more detailed understanding of the key developments in immunology. The content has been fully updated throughout and includes: An expansion on key clinical topics, including: innate immunity, autoimmune conditions, asthma, primary immunodeficiency, and HIV/AIDS Beautifully presented with improved artwork and new illustrations A range of learning features, including introduction re-cap boxes, end of chapter and section summaries to aid revision, as well as further reading suggestions, and a glossary to explain the most important immunology terms. Roitt's Essential Immunology is also supported by a companion website at www.roitt.com including: An additional online only chapter on immunological methods and applications Further interactive multiple choice and single best answer questions for each chapter Animations and videos showing key concepts Fully downloadable figures and illustrations, further reading and useful links Updated extracts from the Encyclopaedia of Life Sciences Podcasts to reinforce the key principles explained in the text

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