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Software and User Manuals

If you require replacement PC link software for your CT200 Series ECG please click on the links below to download this software as a .zip file.

CT200 Real Time PC Software

CT200C Real Time PC Software Ver 3.1

CT200VET Real Time PC Software - used by CT200Vet with built-in printer

CT200CV Real Time PC Software - USB only version

Device Driver for CT200C

RT200 PC Software - Windows 7 64-bit PC

Manual Downloads

If you require a user manual for your ECG machine or patient monitor, please click on one of the files below to download the user manual as a Word file. For all other user manuals please contact Macquarie Medical Systems.

ECG Manuals

CT100 User Manual

CT200 User Manual

CT200 VET User Manual

CT200C User Manual

CT200CV User Manual