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Roll Cart w/ Basket for Mcube Biocon-700 Bladder Scanner

Roll Cart w/ Basket for Mcube Biocon-700 Bladder Scanner

BioCon-700 CUBEscan Bladder Scanner System

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Mcube Biocon-700 Bladder Scanner w/ pre-scan

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The BioCon-700 is a portable non-invasive ultrasound system intended to measure the volume of urine in a patients bladder.

The BioCon-700 uses ultrasound signals to determine the bladders outline and total volume of urine. The revolutionary real-time Pre-Scan function locates the bladder prior to scanning and improves the accuracy of results.

Easy-to-use colour touch screen for quick access. Immediate printout of results via the internal printer, or use the included CubeScan PC software to upload saved data to a computer for later review.

A compact, lightweight, hand-held device with a long-lasting internal rechargeable battery allowing for use in all locations. 36 Month Warranty

  • 12 month probe replacement
  • 3 year warranty /w 5 year option
  •  Live pre-scan function
  • 7-inch LCD touch screen
  • Battery and mains powered
  • Data transmission to PC
  • Male, female and child settings
  • Large memory & built in printer

Roll Cart w/ Basket sold separately. See the product page.

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