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DermLite Price Guarantee

Macquarie Medical Systems Price Promise Guarantee

We understand sometimes medical devices will receive an extra surcharge if you buy them from Australia. That’s why with our DermLite Range for Doctors* we promise that all Dermatoscopes and Lumios are as close to the US RRP as possible.

Our Guarantee is that our Dermlite prices will always be within 10% of the US RRP converted to Australian Dollar**. Never more than that! (Sometimes they are even lower than the US RRP but don’t tell anyone)

Fluctuations in the Australian dollar mean our prices will change from time to time. But they will always stay within our Price Guarantee.

If you would like further information, please contact us on 1800 810 074 or email us at [email protected]

We also guarantee to have the lowest prices in Australia. If you find the same device cheaper elsewhere email us at [email protected] with a image grab of the price. And we will price match, and ensure you also receive it with free delivery.

* Macquarie Medical Systems Price Promise Guarantee only includes the 3Gen DermLite pocket dermoscopy range, 3Gen DermLite photo Dermoscopy range and 3Gen Lumio range. This does not include the DermLite HUD, which is a patient use device.

** The 10% extra includes shipping and handling costs as well as TGA costs and other importer fees.

***When reviewing prices, Macquarie Medical Systems converts the U.S. RRP to $AUD using the current exchange rate. The pricing is reviewed every 3 months on average.